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  Frequently Asked Questions and Terminology

Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions

How does your being independently owned and operated benefit me?

You receive timely responses to your questions and needs, careful attention to the details of your case, and access to the latest leading-edge technology. In short, you receive the personalized, dependable service you need. Utmost care is given to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of every case.

Where are you located?

We are located in the Tampa Bay area on the central Gulf Coast of Florida. Call us for driving directions, parking and hotel information.

Do you have conference rooms available?

At no extra charge you have access to over a dozen conference rooms. Depending upon your needs we can provide you with a boxlight projector, VCR, overhead projector, medical light box and videoconferencing.

What areas do you serve?

We serve Pinellas, Hillsborough and Pasco counties which include the cities of Clearwater, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Palm Harbor, Tarpon Springs, New Port Richey and Largo.

Litigation Support

What types of litigation support do you provide?

We provide ASCII CDs and diskettes in various formats, compressed transcripts with word index, e-transcript, interactive realtime, transcripts over the internet, transcript-to-video synchronization, videoconferencing and more.

I need my transcript on disk/CD. What formats do you provide?

There are many formats to choose from and they can all be provided to you on CDs or floppy disks. They include:

  • RTF/PDF files
  • Microsoft Word
  • Summation
  • HTML formatted transcripts
  • e-transcript

If your format is not listed, please ask us and we'll try our best to provide a solution.

Can you e-mail my transcript over the Internet?

Yes. Any file that we can provide on a CD or diskette can be e-mailed to you as well.

TRANSCRIPT-TO-VIDEO Synchronization for PC

What is transcript-to-video synchronization?

We transfer both your video and your timestamped certified transcript to a CD and synchronize them so that they appear together much like a movie with subtitles. You can view the video and transcript simultaneously using YesLaw's free software package, YesVideo or you can use another compatible software package of your choice.

What are the benefits of transcript-to-video synchronization?
  • You can cut and paste video clips with testimony on your computer.

  • The CDs use less storage space than videotapes. Each CD holds roughly two hours of video with the certified transcript.

  • The synchronization is inexpensive. Your synchronized transcript can be formatted to the litigation support package of your choice.

  • You can prepare trial presentations by exporting video clips from YesVideo into popular trial presentation programs such as Sanction®, Summation and PowerPoint. You can also export your clips to an MPEG file, Windows Media file or e-mail.

What if I have my own software?

We can perform the transcript-to-video synchronization using the software package of your choice. Vendors who provide this software include Sanction®, Summation, Trial Director, VideoNote and Publisher.


What is videoconferencing?

Videoconferencing lets you view on a television screen lawyers and witnesses located anywhere in the world. It is more versatile than a telephone. Not only can you ask questions and listen to answers but you can now observe at all times the deponent and exhibits in realtime on a screen with top quality visual and sound capabilities.

Why use videoconferencing?

Increase your productivity and efficiency while saving time and money. Conduct your out-of-town depositions, meetings or interviews using our convenient conference rooms and avoid expensive, time-consuming traveling.

How do I go about scheduling a videoconference?

Call GulfCoast Reporting at 727-781-8977 or e-mail us at scheduling@gulfcoastreporting.com.

Interactive Realtime

What is interactive realtime?

With interactive realtime, your notebook receives a transcript from the court reporter's notebook while testimony is being given. You can navigate electronically through the unedited text via a series of easily learned commands that mark and save text, insert notes and issue codes, perform searches of text, and more. Once the deposition is concluded, the marked text and annotations can be saved for later use.

What software do I need?

LiveNote, Summation and CaseView are three of the most popular interactive realtime software packages available. We are compatible with all of them.

How do you provide interactive realtime?

We assign a highly qualified reporter who has experience with this technology to write realtime and provide you with the cable hookup and live feed that is compatible with the realtime software on your notebook.

Do you provide "uncertified" rough CDs and diskettes?

Yes. An uncertified rough transcript is no replacement for the official certified transcript but sometimes you need the convenience and speed that a "useful" uncertified transcript provides. When this is the case we will provide the most highly skilled court reporters in the industry to make your realtime experience a positive one.


What is e-transcript™?

e-transcript is a unique program that allows you to view a certified transcript and word index side-by-side on your computer screen. It is more versatile than a text file such as ASCII because the words in your index are hyperlinked to those in the transcript. You also have the capability of printing the e-transcript in a variety of compressed formats.

Do I need to purchase additional software to use this program?

No. Just double click on the filename and the program opens on your computer screen.

Can I print my e-transcript file?

Yes. You can print your certified transcript in multiple page formats with or without the word index. e-transcript also has a duplex printing option.

Is e-transcript email compatible?

Yes. However, because many email servers prevent you from receiving executable files, we email e-transcripts as data files. Go to RealLegal's website at http://www.reallegal.com/techsupportEtranViewer.asp and download the free viewer. Once the viewer is on your computer you will be able to access any future e-transcripts you receive from us via email.

Transcripts with Timestamping

What is timestamping?

We print timestamps on your certified transcript that correspond to the clock on your videotape so you can fast forward your video to the testimony you're viewing on your transcript. This saves your videographer valuable time when cutting and pasting testimony, therefore saving you money by reducing the billable hours.

I am limited to just three hours of examination. Can I use timestamping for that?

Yes. With the use of "elapsed time" and specialized software, our reporter is able to monitor the actual number of minutes/hours of time while on the record and then print them on the certified transcript.

Is timestamping included with videotaping?

Yes. Receive the same full-page transcript that you are accustomed to receiving plus timestamping on every fifth line at no additional cost.